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How we work



Licensing & Vision

The first major step towards your brand's financial freedom is licensing your product and/or service with us. We will closely discuss with you and your team about all the nuances of your offering and what your vision of the future is. Once we take over the controls for your marketing and sales, you will immediately feel the difference, feel the opportunity.

Next Phase


The lure of shiny new tactics is hard to resist. We get this. However, jumping into tactical execution without a crafted marketing and sales strategy is akin to putting the cart before the horse, and it’s a recipe for frustration. As soon as we are part of the same team, we start our collaborative strategising and begin execution.


You will almost instantly see results with our team and watch as your sales increase.


With your resources, time and energy available for you, now is the time to develop!

More Pay - More Per - More Click



Analysis of our PPC Strategy

Like with anything, you cannot build an effective roadmap if you do not have the right plan in place, and we are obsessed with strategy. It prevents aimless movement and rather, fosters precise, calculated decisions. Everything should be measured and analysed so see where we have been and best determine where we need to go.

Strategy Adjustments

We work on an agile marketing framework that allows us to quickly and effectively adjust our campaigns and strategies. At the end of each sprint, we evaluate the successes and improvements to help us reach our goals of getting you sold.

Media Report

We offer quarterly reviews, where we go over your keywords, CPC, ad sets, campaign types, and new, exciting recommendations based on findings for the next 90­ days of the program. It’s important that we review every quarter to ensure we are still aligned on all goals.

Diversify the Marketing Portfolio

It’s important to be sure things are in place optimally at all touch points. We should be utilising multiple channels and funnels. Realise that different things will connect better with different people based on who they are.

Strategy Development

Usually we will need to start from ground level, so we create a full funnel PPC plan (detailing KPIs, buyer personas, content offers, and more) in order to create the necessary ad accounts, place the necessary tracking pixels, etc.—all from the ground-up.


The culture we enjoy at KAAP is designed to help us create relationships that last and do work that matters. It’s built on a foundation of values that connect us, guide us and define us.


ADDRESS: Golash Street 28, Sofia 1505, Bulgaria

EMAIL: info@kaap-grp.com


Stop waiting for something to happen and make something happen! Contact us now and let's get you on the right path to success. We can give you the results you have been working for.

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